What are the Most Inexpensive Wedding Flowers?

Closeup of bridal model wearing a bustier dress, laughing, with a flower cloud behind her

Those are baby’s breath behind her... Photo Credit: Theel Wedding Productions

This is a popular question! Truthfully? It depends on several factors — where you are, quality, quantity, seasonality/market, and where you get them.

When you search “cheapest wedding flower” on the internet, the ones that commonly appear will be roses, Peruvian lilies, carnations, daisies, mums or baby’s breath, and for greenery, lemon leaf and leather leaf, to name a few. Take a peek at your local grocery store, a chain supermarket or the corner bodega and see what flowers are commonly found among them. Oftentimes, it will be some of the above.

Not all flowers are created equal though. The ones supplied to large chain-stores such as Costco, brand-name supermarkets and neighborhood grocers can vary in quality with some being of the same quality as wedding/event flowers and other not. Nonetheless, that does not necessarily mean they are any less beautiful. 

These flowers are typically available year-round (barring major catastrophes) so your floral designer can fill your flower order without much fuss and the best part is that many talented floral designers can elevate even the most everyday flower to a level that will be truly special for your day.

Some budget tips I like to share is recommending floral designs that use only one or two types of flower and to reserve your can’t-live-without florals for your bridal bouquet.

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