Design Process

When you choose SF.Fleur for your event, we endeavor to not only design beautiful bespoke florals for you but also an enjoyable experience for you and your partner in our floral design process.

I personally work with every client through the design process and execution of the big day.

Working with each person or couple will always be different, but we follow a standard process to ensure we provide our best service to you. Upon hiring us as your floral partner, service includes regular check-ins, design reviews, coordination with your planners and other vendors for your event, and a final floral review before we move forward.

A typical design process may look like this:

  • Hello!
    You get to learn about me, the studio and our process. I get to learn about you and your event! Selecting a florist takes some time and I'm available to answer any questions you have and provide information about myself and the studio while you're in this process. This may also be the time I gather information from you to create an estimate or proposal.

  • Request for Proposal/Estimate
    If you're excited to work together and would like me to draft up an estimate/proposal for your event, I do so for your review. If you're interested, please fill out the floral inquiry form.

  • To Book or Not to Book?
    We extend a courtesy hold for event inquiries for 1 month after we deliver your event proposal. If we have another request for the same date, we'll reach out to see how you feel about moving along with us. No worries!

    A booking deposit of $350 holds your date and guarantees our services for your event on that particular day. Once we are confirmed, I’m your flower gal on speed dial and always available to discuss any design questions, ideas, etc., for your event. Please note we only book up to 1 year in advance.

  • Design Review(s)
    Once you have placed your initial deposit, we provide a contract and go through the steps to develop and refine your designs for your approval in further detail.

  • 3 Months Before Your Event 
    This is our check-in to see how you feel about your floral designs. Minor adjustments and additions are usually made around this time. However, a lot can change from the time of your initial consult! If completely new designs are needed for the entire event, it incurs an extra design fee to go through the initial design process again. 

  • 1 Month Before Your Event 
    Around this time, we may be in touch more often with you or your planner to discuss the venue, floor plans, table counts, timeline, and any other details. A further refinement of your estimate/invoice will be detailed for your review. If you have hired a Day-of Coordinator, this is typically when we are communicating with them.

  • 2 – 3 Weeks Before Your Event
    Last-minute details, guest counts, and floor plans may be finalized to confirm the final designs and your floral order will be sent to the farms at this time. This is when you will also receive the finalized invoice for your florals.

  • Day of Event
    Flower time! Depending on the level of service you've requested, your team of designers will deliver your florals and/or be on-site to set up your ceremony and reception florals for the big day!

To maintain a high standard of work, the studio commits to a limited number of full-service events throughout the year. This ensures the utmost care and attention to all our floral clients.

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