Frequently Asked Questions

 Couple embracing in the sunlight

Photo Credit: Theel Wedding Productions

Do you have an event minimum?
A full-day service minimum is $3500 regardless of size. Full-day service includes the care and delivery of your personal florals according to your event timeline, ceremony installation, setup and breakdown, reception setup and breakdown/cleanup with myself and my team.  There are floral designs that entail intensive design, labor and materials which are oftentimes more expensive to produce or require on-site arranging and repurposing of materials. 

Do you work with smaller floral budgets?
Absolutely! I was a former diy bride who eloped! I love to work with my clients to advise how they can get their best floral designs within their budget. Oftentimes we can come up with a plan that is both beautiful and cost-effective. Pre-arranged florals and a delivery or setup-only service is also possible and we always discuss getting the most out of your florals. 

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?
Yes, yes, a million-times yes!  Love is love and this world needs more of it, not less.

How many events do you do per month?
We only take 2 – 3 full-service events per month. What I love most is the design process and working closely with my clients. In that sense, we are more of a fine art floral studio and I'd like to think the work we produce reflects that.  The limited number of events enables my team and I to to provide our best service to all our clients and to stay fresh and creative!

How far out in advance can I book with you?
We only take bookings a year in advance. Six months - three months out allows for enough time to design your event.

When is the latest you will take on events?
I ask for a minimum of one month to work with you in designing your florals. In that month, we work on an expedited timeline. It's not always possible, but if we can pick up a last minute floral order, we try!

Do you travel for floral services?
Yes! Production and material fees may vary according to region. Travel and accommodation would be included in the estimate but depending on the destination, sometimes portions of the fees may be forfeited if we have the means to cover our own way since we love to travel!