About SF.Fleur

SF.Fleur is a petite floral practice based out of Oahu, Hawaii and Princeton, New Jersey but travel everywhere. We specialize in crafting magical sceneries using the highest quality luxurious Hawaii-grown tropicals, farm-fresh heirloom blooms, and sustainable floristry techniques.

Floral designs are classic, artful, elegant, and understated yet rich in texture, unique floral combinations, and sophisticated color palettes.

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Couple during a sunrise elopement

Alexandra Farms Certified Designer

My Floral Story

Hi, my name is Sylvia, and it’s lovely to meet you. I hope you’re enjoying your visit to SF.Fleur, finding ideas and inspiration for your event!

Every floral arrangement from the studio is unique and designed from a consultation with a client. This collaboration means every floral assignment is an opportunity for a fresh new design. When working together, I welcome images for ideas or inspiration — never to replicate but instead to discuss ideas and funnel energy into creating new work!

Regarding environmental practices, I choose not to use florist foam. I lean on old-fashioned floral techniques and study with modern-day floral designers who practice sustainable floristry. The process can be more labor-intensive or expensive, but the result is worth it! I also dry my flowers and reuse packing materials and vessels as much as possible. I also like to seek out locally grown flowers and work directly with growers and farmers when possible.

I took my first floral class with Catherine Mueller, a school created by a French florist in the Parisian style – lush, rambling arrangements are my favorite to design. My mom is a gifted gardener. I grew up surrounded by roses, poppies, and peonies, helping her mulch and weed throughout the seasons. I love to learn — workshops with the London Flower School, Holly Chapple, and other contemporary floral artists are a selfish indulgence.

I studied fine art and fashion while living in Italy, France, Singapore, Morocco, and Indonesia. I love to travel! My “day job” is designing for luxury brands, and I try to bring this experience into my floral work for my clients. I endeavor to truly understand my clients’ visions. I love to look at everything as a whole to create floral experiences that complement the space and embody the spirit of the day as you see it.

While history, culture, and architecture are vast sources of inspiration for me, my clients are always my muse. I love using florals to evoke personal memories or sentiments in my clients, so the flowers carry some significance.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me. I would love to learn about you and your upcoming event to help bring your floral story to life! Hope to work with you soon!

– xo Sylvia

Alexandra Farms Certified Designer