How to Prepare for a Floral Consult

Groom carrying bride in a field by Theel Wedding Productions

Photo Credit: Theel Wedding Productions

So you made an appointment to meet a potential floral designer? Yay!
Here are some things we talk about in our first meet-and-greets. Hope these will also help you prepare in advance...

Share the basic information such as the date, location, the size of your bridal party, number of guests, and number, size and shapes of tables prior to your meeting. Some florists also ask that you have your venue confirmed before you arrange for a floral consult. If you are in the middle of selecting one, communicate that to your florist in advance. 

Oftentimes, it will be one of the first questions asked when you submit an inquiry form. It's ok if it's not an exact number, but decide on a range that you are comfortable with before your first meeting.  Your floral designer needs to know your sweet spot.  For example, if you show your floral designer an extremely opulent reception design that may have cost $20,000 but your overall budget is $8,000, your floral designer will be able to advise you honestly.

Inspiration and Ideas
This is the best part of the consult.  Once you share the basic information, you can get to the fun stuff! Describe your perfect day, swoon over details, and discuss your favorites and not so favorites. I suggest sharing a Pinterest board if you have one in advance, along with 
color swatches, photos of your dress or bridesmaids dresses, fabric samples and anything else that inspires you!