How to Perk Up Droopy Blooms

Broken stems of peony and sweetpea

Flowers are ephemeral and short-lived. That’s one of the reasons why we love them so much! But if they are starting to droop or wilt, here are some things you can do to perk them up.

  • Examine the Stems
    If the bottom of a stem is dry or shriveled, the flower cannot intake the water and nutrients it needs, and instead it will begin to wilt. A broken/collapsed stem will also cause the same thing to happen. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle with a sharp knife or shears. For bent stems, you can try cutting above the bend and possibly giving that flower it's own little bud vase. Do not cut stems straight. Otherwise, they will end up sitting flush to the bottom of the vase and unable tin drink up water.
  • Change the Water
    Clean water is a must for your flowers.  Transfer your flowers to a new container while you scrub your vase with soap and water. Refill with fresh clean water and a fresh snip to the stems before returning them back to the vase.
  • Try Warm Water
    Warm water can help stems drink better. Warm water moves up stems more quickly and may also clear any blockages. 
  • Try Flower Food
    If you are able to pick up some flower food packets at your local grocery or market, these little packages might be able to give your flowers a boost. They include nutrients and additives that help prevent bacterial growth in the water and provide a little bit of extra nutrients that encourage flowers to bloom.
  • Move Them Out of the Sun!
    Are they in partial or direct sunlight? Move them asap! It may seem counter-intuitive, but don’t put your cut florals in direct sunlight. Too much sun can actually burn the petals, create too much heat and cause your flowers to die.
  • Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold.. Just Right
    A too hot room can also cause flowers to wilt.  Try to keep them in a room no warmer than 74 degrees and away from a heating vent or a/c vent.

Hope that helps!