Flower Girls

Brides wearing flower crowns in Waikiki, HI

Photo Credit: Theel Wedding Productions

At a time when the island was quiet and closed from COVID, Jailyn, a wonderful photographer (now located in South Carolina) reached out to see if I wanted to help bring her idea to life and I was all for it!

Jailyn's vision of brides adorned in florals came to fruition as they wandered the eerily empty Waikiki. It was such a fun project to have at a time when the wedding work had abruptly screeched to a halt. At the time, I had just gotten back surgery a few weeks before and I needed that boost of creativity to keep my spirits up. I remember Jailyn saying, “Flower headpieces not haku lei, I'm thinking French/European-style” and those three magic words, “I trust you,” I got to work!

Brides in Waikiki wearing floral headpieces

Brides wearing flower headpieces in Waikiki, HI

Bride wearing floral headpiece

I chose the most beautiful decadent florals in a color palette I felt would give off the perfect Marie Antoinette vibes: garden roses, hyacinth, hellebore, tulips, chrysanthemum, anthuriums and orchids and constructed 3 different style headpieces for each model, each with a flower ring.  Completely impractical (sounds fitting for that time period!) but fun!

It was a a fun, collaborative project made all the more interesting because both Ari from Theel Wedding Productions and Jailyn shot photos that day and what I loved most was seeing through their lens two distinctly different moods and style of photography even though it was the same models in the same place!

See Jailyn's light and airy styled interpretation of that day...

That's why I love art! Just as you give photographers the same subjects to shoot, if you gave a group of florists the same flowers, you would get completely different styles of bouquets and arrangements. When someone creates, it's like getting a glimpse into seeing how they interpret and express themselves, whether it be through photography, with flowers, art, cooking.. everything!

Photography: Jailyn Untalan, Theel Wedding Productions
Gowns: Eleanor's Bridal
Flower headpieces and jewelry: SF.Fleur

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