Fave Flower Resources for the DIY Bride

mixed florals of peonies, roses and wildflowers

My favorite part aside from getting married of course, was having the perfect opportunity to make arrangements when we tied the knot! At the time, there were not many available sources online but now there are so many to choose from and they each have their own unique offerings.

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Blooms by the Box, Whole Blossoms and Fifty Flowers
These were some of the first ones out there making bulk florals available to the public online! I used these suppliers for my reception dinners. They give you the option to pick and choose and come up with a design yourself or offer pre-selected combos of popular wedding palettes and flowers.  Because they offer everything in large amounts, they really work best for weddings where you need multiple arrangements. It's so much flexibility and is as true to how a professional florist sources when it comes to figuring out your designs and how much you need.  

Flower Moxie
I love how Flower Moxie organizes its offerings according to how a DIY bride would go about shopping for their flowers. They offer great resources for flower care, tutorials, etc just as the other suppliers do but they also offer flexible size packages of their curated florals with photos of real examples of the finished arrangements of what each recipe would be able to make. That helps so much for figuring out what you need and how much to order. 

What I love best about Flower Moxie are all the educational resources and advice they offer online. You can explore a bit and learn more to see if the DIY route is for you before you take the plunge.

Bloom Culture
Like Flower Moxie, Bloom Culture offers curated DIY packages of flowers with an extensive variety of color palettes that you can select from with finished designs shown. You can then select the items you need for your wedding off a menu with each item in a range of sizes and add to your cart - easy-peasy! Their tutorials are very detailed and informative as well. Another service they offer is customizing and curating a palette of florals for you as well as a budget estimator where you can go through and select the quantity of all the items you may need to see how much your overall costs could be. It's a nifty calculator that gives you great sense of determining your DIY budget and knowing where to make adjustments from there.

And we offer curated DIY also!
But how we approach it is very different from the ones mentioned here.  I work with you on an overall design and budget that works for you so everything is tailor-made.  We engage in the design process as you would if we were producing your event/florals but instead with detailed help and instruction for DIY. Our sources also include local or regional growers so we procure the florals on your behalf. It's an experience for someone who wants a unique design or access to locally grown or sustainably farmed florals that may be hard to find online.